Homepage of Hai Hu

My name is 胡 (Hu) 海 (Hai), but in English people say it in the reverse way, which sounds more like: Hi! Who?

oops, where is the photo?

I’m a Ph.D. student in (Computational) Linguistics at Indiana University Bloomington. Before coming to IU, I got my BA in English and MA in English linguistics at Renmin University of China. I was also very lucky to spend one year at Universität Tübingen as an exchange student and learned some Schwäbisch German :)

Chengdu is my hometown, which is also home to pandas :panda_face:, hot pot :stew: and all kinds of spicy and non-spicy food (and :mahjong:).

My research interests: natural language inference, Chinese linguistics, language variation and change, natural language understanding corpus annotation, stylistic properties of translations. See my Publications or Research projects or Google Scholar page for papers and more information.

email: huhai at indiana.edu