Homepage of Hai Hu

My name is 胡 (Hu) 海 (Hai), but in English people say it in the reverse way, which sounds more like: Hi! Who?

oops, where is the photo?

I’m a Ph.D. student in (Computational) Linguistics at Indiana University Bloomington. Before coming to IU, I finished my BA in English and MA in English linguistics at Renmin University of China. I was also very lucky to spend one year at Universität Tübingen as an exchange student and learned some Schwäbisch German :)

Chengdu is my hometown, which is also home to pandas :panda_face:, hot pot :stew: and all kinds of spicy and non-spicy food (and :mahjong:).

My research interests: natural language inference, Chinese linguistics, segmentation and parsing, stylistic properties of translations. See my Publication & presentations / Google Scholar page for papers and more information.

email: huhai at indiana.edu